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Owner, Creator


I work alone from my home studio with a creek running through the back yard that meanders through a canopy of some old growth trees onto a beautiful state park right behind the property. Much of my inner peace and creativity is derived from nature.


Imagination and molten metal


I had an over active imagination as a child, I remember taking walks through the woods looking for elves and fairies hidden behind the leaves. When I couldn't find them I would imagine their faces in the trees and stones along the creeks, I have always been drawn to the medieval period and love old ancient relics and the secrets they seem to hold. Though art and molten metal, I can bring forth mythical ancient creatures from my world and give them life in this world. To me this is not so much work, but more of an escape into a world I love. I hope that my creations may bring beauty and light to all whom possess them. If I could choose a past life experience it would be to see through the eyes of Merlin.